Updating a Program of Study

Procedures for Updating a Program of Study

  • When a program of study is updated for the next academic year, the department or program should send the updated program of study to the appropriate dean’s office. After approving the updated program of study, the dean’s office should send it electronically in PDF format to programsofstudy@appstate.edu to be posted on this website. Programs of study are effective beginning with the Fall semester of each academic year. They will be posted on this website once a year. After that initial posting, new curriculum changes are not allowed for the current year; however, if it does become necessary to correct an error that is discovered on a particular program of study, that revised program of study must be resubmitted to programsofstudy@appstate.edu and it must include the date it was revised next to the academic year as follows: 2012-2013 (Revised: xx/xx/xx).
  • The accuracy of the program of study is the responsibility of each department/program with approval from the college/school dean’s office.
    • Changes to a program of study that require approval from the AP&P Committee include:
      • Program title changes
      • Changes to the major requirements
      • Additions/deletions/changes to concentration requirements
      • Changes to the total number of hours required for a major, minor or certificate program
    • Changes to a program of study that do not require approval from the AP&P Committee include:
      • Updating lists of free elective courses
      • Updates to specific courses that have received approval from AP&P (for example, changes to course prefixes, numbers, titles, credit hours, or prerequisites/corequisites
    • All changes to a program of study must also be submitted to the DegreeWorks contact for each college/school.
    • Questions about any other changes that may or may not need AP&P approval should be sent to programsofstudy@appstate.edu.
  • All undergraduate programs of study for the current year, as well as previous years, will be posted on this website, including majors, minors, and certificate programs. Programs of study should NOT be posted on department/program or college/school websites; they should only be linked to this site from other websites. If you need assistance with that, requests should be sent to webmaster@appstate.edu.
  • Although the requirements for most degree programs at Appalachian can be met within the minimum of 122 semester hours, the student should be aware that certain programs of study require additional hours (up to a maximum of 128 semester hours required). Students are advised to check with the department of their intended major early in their studies. As stated in the catalog, the final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements remains with the student. If a student has changed their major, transferred coursework, or taken many elective courses, they may exceed the minimum number of hours required for the degree.
  • Further questions or suggestions to improve this website or to update these procedures should also be sent to programsofstudy@appstate.edu. We welcome your feedback!
  • View sample Program of Study files below to see recommended formatting.


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